mardi 16 février 2010


olalalala .... it's been a while since I posted anything!
but , between diapers, feeding bottles, puree , compotes ,baths .... i've no much time for my blog!
anyway, I think you will forgive me this mischief soon because today I offer a recipe you will not forget
and yes, these doghnuts are so soft, light and airy that you'd better locked them if you do not want them to end up all in your stomach! "


20g fresh yeast
500g flour T45
75g unsalted butter
75 g powdered sugar (one sachet of vanilla sugar)
1 large egg
2 egg yolks plus one for brown
10 g salt
250g milk


-Heat milk until room temperature
-crumble the yeast into the flour previously sifted (like a crumble)
-add the sugar, salt and eggs
-Mix it all (with milk)
knead-to give a consistent look to the paste and then add the butter (even if the dough is sticky, it does not matter)
-continue to work the dough until the butter is completely incorporated and smooth paste and smooth supple and elastic
eventually if the dough is sticky,put some flour on workplan and continue kneading
put the dough in a big bowl
-cover and let stand at least 1 hour (the pause time varies depending on the heat. until the dough doubles in bulk)
-turn the dough on the work plan lightly floured and divide into a ball about 30 g each
-shape each piece into a ball tight and put them on baking sheet paper (careful, the balls need space to grow up )
-cover the balls and let rise about an hour or until almost double in size
after the waiting time, fill up a caserol of cooking oil: attention, the pan need to be deep enough so that the donghnut does not flatten while cooking and it expands uniformly
when oil is at the correct temperature (180 degrees) put the donut in the oil and leave it until it is took the right color (about 1 minute on each side) if the donut darkens too quickly, reduce fire intensity
turn the donut and fry the other side
take out the donut from the oil and drain on paper towels
let cool, then just before serving, roll in powdered sugar

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