samedi 2 janvier 2010

my crispy avocado/tomato

today I offer you a recipe very simple and quick to do
LIKE WHAT, SOMETIMES,: "The easiest things are the best "..... not entirely wrong



-2 tomatoes
- 1 Avocado
-2 flour tortillas
-oil for frying
-Salt and pepper

recipe :

-cut the avocado into slices not too thin, put it in a bowl and add the lemon juices
-Wash and dry the tomatoes and cut into slices as above with the avocado slice (if you prefer the cubes there's no problem)
-take a pan and warm some frying oil at high temperature
-Meanwhile, warm wraps few seconds in the pan( like this is more manageable and will not break)
-place the wrap ahead and put the avocado and the tomatoes, salt and pepper
-roll the cake on itself (but only once) so that the mixture is covered with a single layer of batter
- fold both sides inward to catch the mixture well, then roll upp
to the end, it should give you a sort of big cigar
-if the oil is hot, fry the cigar immediately or wait until the oil is at the right temperature
-eat immediatly, it does not wait

BON APPETIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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